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As of 2015, I hold a collaborative postdoctoral appointment with UCLA in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the National Park Service. Through 2018, I will serve as the Director of Research at the UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve and as a postdoctoral researcher with the National Park Service and UCLA. I see this position as an opportunity to assist agencies and UCLA with conservation research, and at a larger scale, to provide a level of humanitarianism that facilitates the preservation of biodiversity in the face of human-induced global climate change.


My previous research in the Santa Monica Mountains, engagement with undergraduate research, and appreciation of natural history complement the missions of UCLA and the National Park Service. Through my postdoctoral position, I will guide research efforts at Stunt Ranch Reserve and assist the National Park Service in the broader goal of conserving natural resources.


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Director of Research

UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve

Los Angeles, CA


The UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve is a 310 acre preserve located in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. My main goal in this position is to increase research that is related to California conservation and answering what effects drought, global climate change, fragmentation, and introduced species are having on ecological and evolutionary processes.  Contact me if you are interested in pursuing research at Stunt Ranch.

Postdoctoral Researcher

National Park Service



As a postdoctoral researcher, I am interested in using genomic resources to determine how local amphibian species are using the landscape. This work will provide the National Park Service with much needed insight into the genetic variability of breeding populations of amphibian species, whether some localities are of conservation concern, and whether species are differentially maneuvering through the landscape.


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