My research interests are centered around the processes that shape species relationships. One facet of biology that influences species in numerous ways is the evolution of chemical defenses and I am interested in understanding how such traits influence the ecology and evolution of species.


The current research I do investigates how toxins in poisonous newts may influence ecological, behavioral, and evolutionary dynamics, and whether such phenomena occur at multiple spatial and temporal scales.


The approach I take to answering these research questions is interdisciplinary. I rely on methods from analytical chemistry, genetics, and field biology, as well as theory that is central to conservation biology, community ecology, and animal behavior to shape and design experimental work. I enjoy collaborating and learning with fellow researchers to achieve solutions to broader or more large scale projects. My work is done in the laboratory and field, both locally and in more distant locations.

My research experiences and the projects I am working on are outlined below. Contact me if you have questions or any thoughts you would like to share.